HIS tectonic shift

Microsoft has acquired yet another company.
Why do we care?

Microsoft has acquired yet another company. Why do we care?

We at Pearls.Clinic do care because probably the biggest software house on the planet has officially entered the HIS (Health Information Systems) market.

That basically means that “as of this morning”, Microsoft is one of the big players in HIS. And if there ever was a hot IT market that is HIS post 2020.

That means things for every HIS competitor are in the next gear. That means: not fast. Moving very fast.

Expect vast Microsoft IT planetary infrastructure to become the backbone of AI/ML foundation for what you know now as “Ambient Clinical Intelligence“. Or very likely you don’t, because ACI was until now used almost exclusively in US health organizations, hospitals, and such.

Pearls.Clinic is ready to realign its strategy and roadmap with this tectonic shift in the HIS space.
Stay tuned for important announcements.

Microsoft’s acquisition play

Microsoft and Nuance began a partnership in 2019 to deliver ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) technologies to health care providers. ACI technology is intended to reduce physician burnout and increase efficiency by offloading administrative tasks onto computers. (A 2017 study published in the Annals of Family Medicine documented physicians typically spending two hours of record-keeping for every single hour of actual patient care.)

Acquiring Nuance gives Microsoft direct access to the company’s entire health care customer list. It also gives Microsoft the opportunity to push Nuance technology—currently, mostly used in the US—to Microsoft’s own large international market. Nuance chief executive Mark Benjamin—who will continue to run Nuance as a Microsoft division after the acquisition—describes it as an opportunity to “superscale how we change an industry.”

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